Send announcement to the users
  • 24 Jan 2020
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Send announcement to the users

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Microsoft Community Training platform allows administrators to send customize messages, alerts or broadcast information to different group of users via the announcement feature. Users can view these information and updates sent by the administrators under the Notice Board section of the learner experience.

For example, if there are any courses that administrators would like to remind or encourage the learners to complete sooner, then administrator can send a customized message (such as ‘You still have not completed the complaince training. Please complete soon to get certified’) as a follow up reminder to the group users and push for course completion.

In this article, you will learn more about how an administrator can send an announcement to the group of users from the management portal:

Permissions Level

The Microsoft Community Training management portal provides role-based administration and depending upon the type of access level administrator can perform an action on the portal. Table below shows administrative role which are allowed to send announcement to group users on the portal:

Access Level Send announcement
Organization Administrator Yes
Category Administrator No
Course Administrator No
Group Administrator Yes

Steps to send annoucements to the users

Administrators can send the announcement either to the whole group or to a specific set of users in the group as required.
  1. On the Microsoft Community Training portal, after login switch to administrator view.

  2. Select a User Group under Users tab to whom you want to send announcement

  3. You can use one of the following ways to choose the auidence for sending the announcements.

    • Send announcement to all users in the group - To send announcement to everyone in the group, just click on the Send announcent button in the group details page
    • Send announcement to selected users in the group – To send announcement to specific users in the group, select the list of users to whom you want to send the annoucements and click on Send announcent as shown below.
  4. Type the body of the message under Message section, which you want to send.

  5. Click Send button to send the announcement.

Past announcements sent to the whole group or specific users in the group are displayed as part message panel.
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