Create new group
  • 17 Nov 2019
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Create new group

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Group is a key feature in the Microsoft Community Training platform. It enables you to delegate user management and drive learner engagement to the grassroots-level.

Groups make user management easy via automatic enrollment, bulk user onboarding, course assignments, announcements and monitoring leaner progress

In case of platform is setup with Azure AD as login identity and Microsoft Teams as an end point, you won't be allowed to create groups from the management portal. All the user management acitivities have to be performed inside Microsoft Teams

In this article, you will learn more about how to create a new group on the management portal:

Permissions Level

The Microsoft Community Training management portal provides role-based administration and depending upon the type of access level administrator can perform an action on the portal. Table below shows administrative role which are allowed to create a new group on the portal:

Access Level Create Group
Organization Administrator Yes
Category Administrator No
Course Administrator No
Group Administrator Yes

Steps to create a new group

  1. On the Microsoft Community Training portal, after login swtich to administrator view and select Users tab from the left navigation panel.

  2. To add a new group, click or tap New Group on the bottom-left of the page.
    New group tab

  3. Enter group name, group administrator information (optional) and click or tap Add .

When group is created, by default, the user who created the group will be the group administrator.
  1. From Add Users pop-up, you can choose Manually add users or Automatically add users to add users at the time group creation and follow the instructions.
    Manually add users

  2. Click or tap Skip during step 4 in case you want to add users to the group later.

Manually add users to group during creation time

  1. Click or tap Manually add users button

  2. Choose between the following two methods to add users

    • Add Single User – Use this option to add one user at a time. Click or tap Add Single User, enter the phone number and then click or tap Add button.
    • Bulk Upload Users – This option is used to add multiple users at once. For detailed steps, see how to structure the csv file and bulk upload users on the portal
      Manual add users 1
In case portal is setup with Social Account or Azure Active Directory as login identity then you will need to enter email address in the above step.

Automatically add users to group during creation

  1. Click or tap Automatically add users button

  2. To add users automatically, you need to setup rules. See the detailed steps here.

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